Thursday, September 25, 2014

Forms Authentication Sliding Expiration and the SPA

Working on a SPA with Forms Sliding expiration.  The trick is how to let the SPA know the user has timed out.  If you make a call to the server, with sliding expiration enabled... the account will never expire.

I don't have a working solution yet, but thought I would post the observation.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Testing out TF-Git.  The tools for peer review are more robust in the git ecosystem than in TFS.  The workflow seems reasonable so far.

Gitlab - Permissions and Groups

When setting up GitLab, before you start using it, be sure to set up a project group.  If this step is omitted, all projects are created under a user account and only that user can check in code. 

I have seen this issue three times now, so I thought I should post this.  This is unique to GitLab and there is not a visible analog in Stash or GitHub.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Do not use RequireJs and AngularJs

Do not use RequireJs with AngularJs.  It is premature optimization.  I have read many posts where they show how to use requireJs.  I have not seen one post that has empirical data PROOVING that using RequireJs improves the overall user experience in any significant way.

I suggest mastering alternative strategies for ng-repeat if you want to optimize something.

I spent a year and a half writing 25,000 lines of AngularJs code with no problems! We were bad developers and did not even minify and consolidating our JavaScript. The JavaScript was in ~30 different files. (We wanted to min and consolidate but the usual tools were not allowed in our secure and constrained environment.)

Most of the noise about using RequireJs is theoretical. I have yet to read a post where a team could not satisfy performance requirements established by the business using AngularJs and had to refactor to using RequireJs for lazy loading.

If the wire is your worry...

  • consolidate your JavaScript into one file,
  • minimizing that file,
  • compress files across the wire
In most AngularJs apps the images are probably larger than the JavaScript.

Even Brian Ford recommends not using RequireJs with AngularJs.

I would like to post more on the mechanics of AngularJs and why I feel this way, but time is short today.