Monday, April 4, 2016

Open Source With Scott Hanselman

I love watching Scott Hanselman present, (who doesn't.)  But I had a pretty busy schedule at Microsoft Build 2016 and chose to skip Scott's talk on Open Source.  I've been doing open source for a while and thought I'd get more value out of standing inline to get HoloLense tickets. (Might be my only chance to use a HoloLense for at least a year, probably two.)

When I saw the line  CRAZY MOB for HoloLense.  I went to hear Scott speak and IT WAS THE BEST TALK!  He even joked that he was overflow for HoloLense.

The talk was about open source, but leave it Scott to hit it from a completely different angle.  I hope they publish his talk, it was one that every developer should see!

Have some fun!  If you are doing forms over data all day and hate it. Try something else in your spare time like play with Arduino or Raspberry Pi (I was like, hey that's me.  I'm always playing with physical computing! Although I still enjoy my forms over data work.  It is a nice break from my managerial responsibilities.)

Helping Others:  Scott pointed out some sites for people just getting started and are willing to help new people and be kind about it.

Self Worth: Don't tie your self worth or value to the number of GitHub Stars your project has, or the number of projects you have contributed to.  Be proud of what you were able to accomplish. This area has always been easy for me.  I'm rather proud of my 600+ points on stack overflow.  I'm glad the minimal amount of work I've done has been able to impact so many people.  I have a few questions that have been viewed over ten-thousand times!  I do wish that I had started participating on Stack Overflow much earlier, I missed out on some fun. (Wait is that being hard on myself? Well a little motivating pain can be a good thing. )



  1. Whenever I hear the theme to Hanselminutes, I feel both hip and smarter at the same time.